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According to research, web traffic majorly comes from mobile phones. Therefore, the mobile web has become a platform that is more commonly used than any other by the people for searching, browsing or shopping. For any business, it’s not enough to hold just a mobile web page but its proper maintenance and repair is also a must. The mobile web is that area in which any business with an active mobile presence needs to improve for enhancing its company’s growth. Business growth demands speedy mobile web experience which has become largely the people’s expectations in today’s time. 

Imagine loading a website page on your mobile but it takes time to load, so your first instinct would be to quickly close the tab and move on to other sites. Hence, speed is a major reason for drawing mobile web traffic by various companies, however, many fail to do so. Even a tiniest seconds delay in loading of the mobile web can impact the conversion rates up by about 20%. So, the businesses are left with aptly two major choices, first is to either stand on customer’s expectations and give them the speedy mobile web experience or to face low traffic on their mobile web page. 

Importance of mobile speed in leading the business towards growth

While a slow mobile experience could drive the customer away, a fast mobile user interface would help attract and drive more customers towards your websites. A fast mobile experience leads to an increase in revenue for companies and generates brand loyalty. Businesses in spite of knowing the merits of investing in improving the mobile UI did not do so and the main reason for it was simply their belief that single time investment will be enough. Mobile web pages need proper maintenance which is important to enhance the customer’s mobile experience. 

There are various successful brands that opt to invest better in maintaining their mobile web pages. When a page loads slowly, the customer experience quality suffers. While fast loading will help the customer to stay at your page. To cut the load time various companies adopted the strategy under which it prioritized the content, image, and caches on its mobile web page. The result was an astonishing rise in mobile web traffic. 

Let’s take, for instance, the world’s largest private telecom company, Telefónica boosts its growth by adopting well-planned strategies to improve its mobile site speed. It conducted a trial of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which helped in improving the loading time of its mobile web page. Hence, this helped the company magnify its growth via a successful strategy to fasten the mobile web speed. While another example could be of BMW which boosted its mobile web page speed using services like AMP and progressive web apps, both of which aim towards a safe and smooth mobile view experience for the viewers even under the conditions with poor network. 


Understanding how businesses can measure their mobile site speed

The businesses need to spend right and wisely on their strategies to improve mobile web speed. They should know where and how to invest before making any early investments. With Google launching a new tool, Test My Site, it will help businesses to better understand and measure their mobile web speed and further set it according to the need.

Such tools are effective for any type and size of businesses. They ensure speedy mobile web experience without any delay to the customers which further drives the company towards more revenue and brand engagements. With such tools, it has become easier and convenient for businesses to aim towards their brand’s growth. 

Mobile speed is a huge significance in determining the growth cause of many businesses. With people becoming increasingly impatient there’s a lower chance of them waiting on a site that loads slowly. Hence, improving mobile speed is an important strategy to drive wider success growth rate by any company.