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In a recent study conducted by Google, there’s a rise in the percentage of female car buyers and drivers in India and one of the reasons this can definitely be attributed to various Indian auto brands adopting different techniques and campaigns to attract more female auto buyers. More than ever we see women getting actively engaged in the art of choosing a car either for themselves or for their family. Anyways, it’s a massive step as earlier there was a relatively lower percentage of women driving cars or even buying them. It’s a great opportunity for automobile companies to use such strategies and tactics so that more females could be engaged in the automobile world. 

Here’s a list of the things that female car buyers look for while buying a car and how various auto brands could incorporate these in their campaigns to increase their sales. 


  1. Understanding female car buyers expectations

There’s a relatively lower percentage of women than men who are concerned about a car brand while looking to buy a car. Female auto buyers are open to choices and not really worry about brand reputation. They are more concentrated on the car attributes like its design and style, durability & safety and how spacious it is. Such factors are more likely to be accessed by female buyers rather than looking at and comparing various auto brands. Auto brands can easily drive more attraction towards their brand by simply tailoring websites, offers, and campaigns according to the female buyer’s expectations. Hence, understanding the requirements of female auto buyers is the first step that should be adopted by auto brands to attract more of them. 


  1. Customizing experiences to engage female buyers

Many female customers before buying from the dealer itself prefer researching and browsing online to get knowledge about various cars and its offers & deals. This data is often used by auto brands company to get insights on what kind of car are the female buyers looking for. Using this knowledge brands could customize their website to suit the preferences of their female buyers. They could launch campaigns and events which could attract and drive more female car buyers and leave a long-lasting impression on them. Various auto brands like Mahindra and Hyundai have initiated car ads to include women at the driver’s seat. This acts as a positive sign on many women planning to buy a car or if not then such ads will definitely force them to think forward.  


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  1. Using an online platform to buy offline

Online platforms are extensively used by many female auto buyers to look for their desired car. They look for offers and deals which they find profitable before they go to showrooms for buying. Through websites women are able to better assess what kind of car they want and if there are any amazing deals on it. They do a good amount of research before they head out to buy a car. So when they visit the dealer he/she should be ready to provide answers to various questions of the female buyers. 


In today’s highly advanced world, there are more female drivers than what was earlier. The need is more new strategies and digital campaigns by automobile companies which could attract more female auto buyers.